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The deluxe gift of courage.

The Brave Box

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*A portion of all sales go directly to the Multi-Eating Disorder Association to fund their life saving programs. Learn more here.




We at Brave Box truly believe that the size and shape of your body is the LEAST interesting thing about you. With that said, we are obsessed with body respect and gratitude for ALL bodies.

Our exclusive set of “Self Love Mirror Cards” are designed to remind recipients that they are so much more than their “earth suits.” Attach these to your mirror or outside your shower, carry them around in your bag or use them during your meditation. These cards act as a fantastic distress tolerance skill for those in the recovery process and we are thrilled to bring them to you!



For those going through the recovery process, your mind is constantly being re-wired and new neurological pathways are formed. This certainly can be exhausting! That is why it was essential for us to team up with *Pinch Me Therapy Dough.

Infused with calming lavender, this exclusive line of therapeutic putty, will help to put your mind at ease, stimulate your senses and acts as a fantastic distress tolerance skill. Our portable 3oz container allows you to use this tool on the go; perfect to use during meal time, during a tough therapy session or at work!




This is what we truly care about at Brave Box: your sweet soul. Although eating disorders can negatively ravage one’s brain, we believe your soul always maintains its inherent goodness. During this journey, watch with curiosity as your soul grows and transforms; just like that of a succulent.

In each box you will find a remarkable Echeveria plant, given to you, quite literally at its birth. Give your succulent the gift of light, warmth and love and watch as it blossoms.

It will produce some brown leaves near the bottom that you can easily pluck right off; these plants are perfectly imperfect. If you accidentally break off a petal; don’t worry. It will heal and grow back stronger; much like you.

Remember, succulents are known for their rich diversity of shapes, colors and sizes. They don’t judge or compare themselves to the succulent beside them. Their sweet soul is enough. Just as it is.



To bring the body, mind, and soul together seamlessly, each box contains a silver engraved fork. The powerful words, “I am so okay” are carved into the base of the prongs.

This utensil has a grand and important job in the recovery process; it assists in the nourishment of one’s body, mind and soul. This fork also acts as a constant and bold reminder- that no matter what you eat or the challenges you are facing during the recovery process, YOU are SO okay.